terms of participation

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  1. The participant confirms a good mental and physical constitution at beginning of the seminar and the absense of medical instability, or other reasons against the participation. The participant is aware of the possibility of injuries and takes care of own insurance.
  2. The participant agrees to the disclaimer of Qi-Systema to refuse any legal responsibility of mental and physical injury and material damage, including loss and theft during the seminar.
  3. During the seminar there is no toleration of discrimination of sexual orientation, gender, colour of skin, physical limitations or similar and violation of this rule will cause exclusion from the seminar.
  4. Taking photos and videos by participants need an explicit permission by Qi-Systema in before. The participant agrees on Qi-Systema will take videos and photos and will publish on internet with attention to personal rights. In case of contradiction against publishing the participant will be made unrecognizable (defaced) on media content.

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